Baccarat – A Simple Online Casino Game That is Played among Banker Player and Tie


Baccarat is the game of cards for rich people. The original version of this game is Baccara which is an Italian game. The meaning of this word is zero in the Italian version. The European and American style of the Baccara game is called Baccarat.

It is said that the game originated in the middle ages in Italy or France. It is the simplest form of casino game which is exciting and beatable. It doesn’t require any skills or talent to rule or win the game. This game is purely about chance and action of hands. This game so fondly linked with upper class that its popularity has forced many companies to launch it online.

Ufa Bet is an online gaming site where you can place bets on your favourite football team and also play baccarat at the same time. It is a Thailand based online company which is now considered a number one online gambling site. Apart from Baccarat, you can also enjoy roulette, online boxing, Keno, online lottery, etc. The betting games can be played on Android and iPhones as well. 24 hours of service where you can withdraw and deposit money without any fraudulent activities happening.

Before playing Baccarat, it is better to understand the game and your competitor well. Here are a few tips mentioned below to understand the game –

  • In Baccarat the house edge is very low, and you have to bet either on banker, player or tie. The banker has house edge or 1.06 percent, player of 1.24 percent and tie with 14.4 percent.

  • Hence, the rule of the game is to always bet with the banker because it is the lowest house edge and even if you lose, you don’t lose much. Never ever bet on the tie because you will lose 14.4 for each 100 units of wager.

  • If by chance you see banker losing one bet, then don’t bet immediately, but wait to watch the next bet. You bet on whatever decision is made.

  • There are two versions of the game, traditional and Mini Baccarat. Traditional is a lengthy game where there can be as long as 40 bets in one hour, but in mini version can wrap up fast with 150 or 200 decisions.

  • In mini Baccarat, you only bet with the banker until the banker loses. Then you can wait till the player loses and switch back to the banker.

  • The golden rule of the game is that it is always treated as an invisible personality. If the sequence of winning is banker, banker, player and

  •  Tie, then you ignore tie and keep betting on the banker.

Baccarat game is easy but needs a lot of patience and skills. It isn’t necessary that every time you will win this game. If you keep losing frequently, then take a break from the game. Go out for a walk, take a deep breath, have a cup of coffee and analyse what went wrong.

Gambling is all about money. If you’ve won a large amount of money in Baccarat, but don’t wish to quit the game, then split the money. Save a part of it for next game and use the remaining half for the current game. This way even if you lose, you will not regret because you still have some amount in safe.