Reasons Rummy Will Always Remain Popular in India


India is a nation that appreciates games of skill and intellect. It is not surprising that games like chess and rummy are extremely popular in India. While card games are very commonly played in most households in India, Indian rummy has a special place in the hearts and homes of most Indians. Here we have tried to enumerate some of the peculiar reasons why rummy gains so much popularity and fame in India:

Most People Are Familiar with Some Variant of the Game

Familiarity doesn’t always bring contempt. Sometimes, familiarity is the basis of popularity. This is the case with rummy games too. The game is familiar to people from different parts of India. Everyone seems to know at least one variant of the game. This makes it natural for people to choose rummy to accompany most social occasions. An analogy may also help you understand the popularity of Indian rummy online games.

It Can Be Played Among People of Different Age Groups

There is no specific age group for playing this game. People of all ages and all stages of life can enjoy this game equally well. It does not matter whether you are young and vibrant or old and retired, rummy is for all. That is why, the game is often a choice in family gatherings where people of different age groups gather.

It Can Be Played in Different Group Sizes

Most of the popular card games like Bridge are four player games. This restricts the chance of playing the games if the group sizes vary. Here again Indian rummy scores a point. It is possible to play 13 cards rummy games between any group size. The usual table size would be between 2-6 players. Even on occasions when you have more players or uneven groups, you can enjoy rummy by changing the number of decks used. This flexibility that different rummy games offer make it popular among people in India.

It Teaches Players Organising Skills

The Indians have a love for games that teach them something or sharpen existing skills. They assume that other games are a complete waste of time. That is why rummy is preferred because it is a skills game. One of the prominent skills that get sharpened are organising skill. It is quite improbable that a player wins rummy game even while being disorganised. Organising skills are inevitable for winning the game. A good player of rummy card games will thus be a good organiser. He will not just know how to arrange the cards in his hands but also know the significance of it in games as well as life. This is most desirable.

It Is Good for People with Strong Calculating Ability

If you want to win in rummy, you need to have a bit of calculating skills too apart from organising skills. Once the life is formed in rummy, you need to put all your efforts in reducing the points in your hands. This will help you lose less points in case the opponent calls it rummy. This is important even if you play online real cash winning games on Khelplay Rummy or other websites.

It Can Easily Be Taught to A New Player

It does not take an intellect to understand the rules of the game and start playing Indian rummy online or offline. This is yet another merit associated with the game. You can easily teach the game to a newbie. You can expand your rummy circles without much difficulty. You can explain the game rules to those who are not familiar with it and they will start playing the game soon.

Thanks To Khelplay Rummy, Now You Can Play Rummy Anytime and Anywhere

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